Kamchatka EP was released in a limited run of 50 CDs, with packaging illustrated by Asta Ostrovskaja. All CD's are sold out, but you can always download high quality digital version from this site, or find it on one of the torrent sites, or get it from any other virtual place this EP might end up in. I don’t charge any money for the digital version. What I ask is that you help me to spread this music. If you like it and you think some of your friends might like it, give a minute of your time to share it with them. Drop them a link, play them some tracks in the car or use any other way you prefer. Also, if you have some thoughts or suggestions about my music, feel free to contact me.

Sharing is a big issue these days, and people have different feelings about its effects on the music industry. I also have different thoughts on the subject, but in the current climate I think that the more people hear this music, the better it is for everyone. I encourage you to buy a CD's, because it still feels much nicer than a bunch of zeroes and ones on a hard drive, and also I think that you should really support the artists you like. However the most important thing is that you be a part of the movement by spreading this or any other good music around, because after all, sharing of information is how our species advanced. And we are still well below the modest level.

recorded/sampled/produced by: Garo (Giedrius Tamulaitis)
bass on tracks 2 and 3: Indrė Šalčiūtė
bass on track 5: Vytis Nivinskas
mixdown/mastering: Emery (Denisas Teluchinas)
artwork: Asta Ostrovskaja
design: Edmundas Stundžius
multipurpose assistance: Mark Splinter
manufacturing credits: Paulius Jalinskas

mixed and mastered at Green Carpet Studios
2010 Bembis Bembio Motina 005

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